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  • I can't express enough, my appreciation for all of the generosity and time you have given to JDRF since your arrival in St. Louis.  My wife and I are deeply involved in JDRF due to the fact that our grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes four years ago at 11 years of age.  We have witnessed your involvement and dedication to this organization since 2010. We recently built and moved into a new home and have once again used Amini's to help us select beautiful hand-tied area rugs and patio furniture for this home.  Amini's sales staff kindly brought several rugs that we liked to our residence so that we could see which one truly fit our decor.  Mr. Amini personally helped us to meet our pricing budget.  We truly appreciate his involvement assisting his customers in meeting their needs.  We have enjoyed working with Amini's in the past, with our present home and recommending him to friends in the future.
     ....... Hans Weimann, St. Louis
  • WOW!! Called Bridget in customer service about our patio set. It’s two years old and has some minor issues. I can’t believe how helpful she was. Amazing service. You would not receive this type of assistance from another patio furniture provider in town. Thanks Aminis!....... Happy Customer, Oklahoma City
  • Bridget~I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to get out furniture issues resolved. We were more than pleasantly surprised when they replaced instead of recoating all the pieces. We enjoyed the pool area on Easter as we were also letting everyone know what great customer service we received at Amini’s. Thanks again!!....... Nancy Bolin, St. Louis
  • Bridget,Thanks for the trip by the technicians and the follow-up note. I am glad I decided to let them handle it so I did not have to explain something breaking. Your attention-to-detail is very good and I appreciate the time you have spent on this matter. Plus your attitude is A+. You would get a 6 on a scale of 0-to-5 if I were to receive a customer survey like I do from Sprint, Southwest Airlines, etc........ Bret, St. Louis