6 must-have pool tables for the man cave

6 must-have pool tables for the man cave

A pool table adds that macho and cool dimension to a man cave. In fact, it’s no man cave without the pool table. A pool table is where you and the boys can hang out in your home and have some serious fun. While pool halls aren’t associated with the rag-tag environment of the 1920s, where men went to smoke, fight, bet, and play, the pool table is the solidifying piece to any bachelor’s pad. Men will be men, and men playing pool will be as constant as ever.

Though pool tables can be expensive, they are worth the initial investment as goes the phrase “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  Here’s our pick of 6 pool tables you can choose from to achieve that precious wow feeling as you play those simple shots to perfection!

The Sleek European Pool Table

You can go with this ultra-sleek European design pool table. It uses an aluminum color powder coated rigid steel Space-frame that holds the single-piece slate playing surface in place. Our favorite part is that all the pool accessories fit on the table without anyone ever knowing what lies under the table leaves. The table also features hi-tech nylon stretch cloth with memory. The barefaced pending pockets stretch out when they collect balls and revert to their 1/8”/3 thickness after the game.

The Knotty Alder Wood pool tables

Pool tables built from Knotty Aldor works ideally if your home sports rustic home furnishing.  A latest American collection of these Knotty Alder wood pieces incorporates clean, simple lines with a naturally troubled look.  More than that, the items are stained in one of the company’s stain selections and polished with a deep creamy coating for that ultra-superior look. Check out if you can get one of these at a pool table for sale exhibit.

Pine inspired pool tables

These tables constructed from solid Montana pine are a work of art which is sure to be a conversational piece among your friends. Its rustic appearance blends well with rural settings, log homes, cabins, vacation homes, and lodges. When you buy this piece you would have imbibed an owner’s pride as each Montana pool table is an exclusive lodge pole pine work of art.

Family pool game table

Designed to take the day-to-day pounding of an active family game room, you can opt for this billiard table that features rapid rails, I’ industry-standard slate and comes in 4/4 American hardwood, I.5” durable melamine or American Hardwood veneer. The table features 5” rails, to give you supreme durability and high performance at an excellent price.

Victorian Pool Table

If you are looking at picking up a Victorian beauty, then go for one which offers you superior construction and playability. A Victorian pool table from the Antique series is endowed with legs in hand finished cast aluminum, or solid hand carved hardwood. What’s interesting is that you can choose your table inlays which gives the most discerning designer flexibility, while still flaunting the mid-1800s look.

Waterproof Pool Table

For the billiards player who has everything, this is the pool table for you. More than just weather proof, this outdoor pool table can be thrown right into the pool for an entirely new experience. But getting that large table out of the swimming pool is a new game altogether, and that’s going to be tough.

Enjoy your game!

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