Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Space

Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Space

The right types of rugs could have a huge impact on the appearance of your home. Sometimes it can outshine even the most expensive furniture. There are numerous reasons you should add an area rug to your room. They have practical benefits. They serve as cushions so you can walk barefoot on soft floors. They also add safety for your family by protecting heads, knees, and hands in case of slips and falls. Covering up unsightly flaws on your floor is also easy with the use of an area rug.

We could go on and on about the many benefits that an area rug brings to your home. The more difficult part, however, is choosing the best area rug for your space. Each room in your home has unique requirements. So here are helpful tips from the experts for when you are out shopping for an area rug.

The Bedroom

There are only a few things more delightful than a warm and soft surface to walk on in the morning when you get out of bed. That’s what an area rug can do, and more. So if your bedroom floor tends to be too cold in the morning, you can place an area rug that will cover the space from the bed to your closet or the bathroom.

Choose an area rug that has a color that you can also find in your bed, window treatments, and other fixtures. Avoid energetic patterns. They go against the restful ambiance you need in a bedroom.

The Living room

Area rugs add warmth to a living room. They also define your space and make it more comfortable for long conversations and parties that last for hours. They also serve as insulation in high-traffic areas to reduce noise when lots of people get together.

If you want your rug to accommodate all legs of your furniture, you will need a large area rug. This is a smart choice. It creates a cohesive look for your room. Measure your furniture first before heading out to shop for rugs.

Another elegant layout for a living room can be achieved by placing the front legs of all the major pieces of your sofa set on top of an area rug. For space-challenged homes, use a small area rug and keep the furniture pieces a few inches from the rug. The rug has to be of the same length as the sofa or slightly longer.

The Dining Room

One rule of thumb when choosing an area rug for the dining room is that it should be wide enough to accommodate the table and the chairs. Start by measuring your table. The area rug should be at least two feet wider than the table on all sides. When you slide the chairs all the way out, there should be enough space for the chair so it does not touch the edge of the rug.

There are many types of area rugs to choose from. There are the natural weave, Turkish, Moroccan, Persian, and textured wool and hide rugs. When choosing, consider your decorating goal, the size of your room and the furniture in it.

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