Home Décor Trends to Look for in 2017

Home Décor Trends to Look for in 2017

We’ve said goodbye to 2016, made our New Year’s resolutions, and danced our snow dances. Now it’s time to move on to warmer weather and a fresh new look for your humble abode! There’s always a trending color palette in home décor, but some of the shades for 2017 bring new life to some crowd favorites. Whether you’re decorating outdoors or indoors, you’ll surely want to spruce up your space with these quick decorating tips and new color trends.

Greenery – Channel your love for nature

The refreshing new shades of greenery (a yellow-green) will keep you connected with nature and still allow you to keep up with what’s hot and trending in the design world. You can pay top dollar for a design professional, or use this simple trick to get the room you’ve always dreamed of: area rugs, of colors found in nature, can help create a seamless transition from your outdoor space to the inside of your home. Indoor/outdoor area rugs can withstand the abuse of a well-loved space. After all, they are made to withstand the outdoor elements, so a little ketchup spill from your toddler (or accident prone-spouse) is no match for these rugs! You can find area rugs as small as a 2×3 and as large as you can imagine. With so many sizes offered, you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Blues – tried and true

Spring is the comeback debut for all things blue. Look for navy as a trending shade for patio furniture. Not everyone’s design taste is bold, so be sure to use accents of color throughout your space to add a pop of personality. If you aren’t confident enough to go for navy on your furniture, use pillows to express your personal style and go crazy with patterns and colors. With blue-trending in all shades, you can complete any style or theme you’ve always wanted to try!

Contemporary – Out with traditional & in with contemporary

Sleek and simple is the new statement for home décor in 2017. While there has always been a generous selection of indoor contemporary furniture, the new selection of contemporary patio furniture has taken over this year. It can be

difficult, and sometimes costly, to keep up with what’s trending in home décor, so remember that mixing your beloved family heirlooms in your updated space can give you that high-end look you’ve been trying to achieve for years. Don’t forget to sprinkle some of the aforementioned trending colors in your new space. Watch out old, traditional décor, contemporary is the new kid on the block!

Lounge Chairs & Patio Furniture – Part of every home

Lounging outdoors is on everyone’s agenda for the weekend; if you’re lucky, you’ll even have enough time to do it! Allow yourself to relax by the garden or pool on your favorite new lounge chair. If you’re poolside, go for a sling style chair. If you’re lounging for comfort, a cushioned style chair is a must have. Add a fun and funky accent pillow or rug to liven up your look. Remember to keep your space looking trendy with a contemporary style while including the new greenery or blue shades of color.

You’ve already set your goals for a new ‘you’ in 2017, so don’t leave your home décor behind in 2016. Spruce up your space for spring and look fabulous while doing so!

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