How to clean a felt pool table top?

How to clean a felt pool table top?

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Once you purchase your table, however, it is important that it lasts. The key to this is to maintain it well. If you have a felt pool table top, it is important to take care of the felt, which needs to be handled with kid gloves. Any tear or stain will imperfect this gaming furniture.

Here are some general tips on how to clean a felt pool table top.

Use only a brush to clean your table top

Felt needs to be dealt with in a mild manner. So only use brushes that are made for pool tables. These have soft bristles and are gentle on the felt. When brushing, never scrub in circles as this damages the felt. Brush with quick and short forward strokes. Brush the dirt outward to the edges of the pool table. Brush the dirt into lines or piles so that you can vacuum it up. It is enough to brush your pool table top once a week. And never with an abrasive brush.

Cleaning up spills & stains

In case there is a spill, you need to lay a paper towel or a white fabric towel flat on the spill. Do not press down the spill or you might push the spill into the felt. Keep replacing the dry towels until most of the spill is absorbed. Do not wait for the spill to soak into the felt. Clean up the spill as soon as it occurs so that it does not damage the felt and the table board under it. To remove stains caused by fizzy drinks, use Clorox bleach via a squirt bottle. Spray it down, and then let it sit for a little. If that doesn’t work, then try to scrub by hand. If there has been stain for a while, you would need to use a cleaner designed for pool tables.

Chalk your cue away from the table top

People often carelessly chalk their cue over the top of the table. The fine grittiness of chalk can slowly wear away the felt. Keep the table top clean by always chalking your cue off to the side of the table rather than over the table’s surface.

So go ahead and buy your pool table from Amini’s. And if it has a felt pool table top use the above tips to maintain the table top for a great game!

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