How to make your outdoor dining area look more expensive?

How to make your outdoor dining area look more expensive?

Spring has sprung and the sun is shining. It’s time to spruce up your outdoor dining area so you can enjoy your family cook outs. There’s just one problem…your budget isn’t going to get you that designer outdoor dining furniture you’ve had your eye on. You’re in luck! We’re going to share some secrets from our in-house designers that will get you a high-end look and keep your wallet (and your husband) happy!

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More!

Every good designer starts with a plan. While some designers like to have a visual plan in their head, others like to sketch it out. You probably don’t have your own design show on HGTV, so finding an online room planner will be a life-saver! Having the ability to add details of your exact space can help you choose the outdoor dining furniture that fits and functions in your area perfectly. Making sure that your space flows well is key to achieving a designer look.

Back to the Basics…Maybe no…

So, you’re headed out to find that perfect outdoor dining set and you just can’t find exactly what you’ve envisioned for you space (except for the one that’s triple your budget). There isn’t a single thing that’s caught your eye, but you’ve been searching for days, weeks, or even months. So many people are stuck inside that ‘box’ of only getting a table and chairs for their outdoor space, but you have so many more options now. Consider a fire pit that can double as a table. You can find them in many different heights, so it can now be multifunctional. Pull your comfy chairs up to the table when it’s time to eat and relax with your feet up when it’s time for a cocktail. If you have the space, don’t be afraid to add some outdoor lounge chairs in your plans. When your bellies are full, and it’s time to take in that fresh spring air, sprawl out on your outdoor lounge chairs and take that well-deserved nap!

Be Thrifty & Upcycle

If you’re reading this so far and keep thinking that you don’t have the funds to buy new things right now, take a look around your house, garage, and shed for some ideas! Search the internet for some inspiration on how to use items around your home for that one-of-a-kind piece that all your guests will ask you about! If you’re super handy, then tackle an outdoor dining table made from the old wooden fence that you tore down last summer. For those of you that aren’t as crafty, try something simple like painting your clay pots with that left over paint you’ve been stuck with (because the trash man won’t take it)! The key is to keep the area clean and spacious, so you’re comfortable, but add enough charm so you can claim your outdoor dining space as your own!

Whether you’re looking to purchase new items, or spruce up your space with no budget at all, the key to making your outdoor dining space look more expensive it to have a clear vision of how you want your space to look and feel. Stick with that vision and make this extension of your home uniquely you!


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