Champion Shuffleboard Game Tables

Champion Shuffleboard Game Tables

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Aminis offers you a choice of shuffleboards from Champion, the No. 1 Shuffleboard Manufacturer in America. And Champion is growing. Since 1988, Champion has been focused on the craft of building quality shuffleboard tables. The fashioning of each wooden creation that leaves the Champion fold is the output of hard work and constant attentiveness that only master artisans can produce.

Aminis’ choice of Champion’s shuffleboard tables stand out for their quality, style, artistry and innovation. We have on offer a range of Shuffleboards, in different styles and priced at various levels. For instance, the Champion Gentry Shuffleboard Game Table is available in a lower price range of$ 3,195 and is ideal for office or home use. It comes with a maple veneer cabinet allowing for a customized stain. And, has hand-crafted solid maple legs. The best part is it ships in easy-to-construct parts allowing it to be moved or stored. If you are looking for a premium piece that is bound to cause a sensation in the game room, then the Vintage Charleston is a safe bet going at $9445. A reproduction of one of the original shuffleboard tables built in the 1940’s, it includes rich textures like stainless steel, mirror accents, and fine wood. This cool art- décor design is sure to raise eyebrows. We have some great style pieces in the mid-range price segment as well, from around $5000 to $7000. Go through our entire selection to make a choice that suits your needs and brings out the gaming expert in you.

Along with Champion shuffleboard tables for sale, we are proud to offer you the most competitive rates online and fully customizable options. Our custom design services allow you to choose from the widest variety of American hardwoods, metals, finishes, trims, and fabrics.

So, raise the level of your game with a perfect Champion shuffleboard from Aminis.

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