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Classic Arcade Games

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There’s plenty of fun and excitement coming your way when you choose any of Aminis’ classic arcade games on offer. Apart from the heavy dose of fun they dish out, you will be the owner of a superior quality machine, purchased at a competitive rate. Any of our machines will make a perfect addition to your gaming room. There are so many titles to choose from, that you are sure to be spoilt for choice. Buy one or more for that perfect family entertainment, where your kids, spouse, and friends will go bonkers playing the games, and create memories that will last forever.

We have machines embracing classic arcade games that start at $1,499.00, right up to $3,289.00. Ms. Pac-Man at $1,499.00 can be played by a maximum of 2 persons, where Ms. Pac-Man must eat all the dots in a maze to advance to the next stage. She’s chased by killer ghosts, but she can eat them while powered up after eating one of four large dots. The Pac-Man’s Arcade Party Coin Operated Upright Arcade at $3,289.00, is for those with a penchant for the arcade originals. This machine has many of your favorite vintage games in one cabinet. Twelve of them. There’s Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Pac-Mania, and Galaga ’88 and more. So gather around with friends and family to experience the look, feel and sounds, you can only get with the real thing. The cabinet’s 26” LCD monitor ensures the graphics look better than ever.

We have the refurbished Baby Pac-Man Arcade Game at $1999 in case you want to spend less. The play mechanics are similar to Pac-Man, and the game is available in video game mode and pinball mode as well.

Go through our entire classic arcade games online selections, and opt for one that best suits your gaming style. There are so many to choose from.

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