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Aminis’ choice of new arcade games is versatile offering users a whole lot of options to choose from. Whichever game you go with prepare yourself to have loads of fun. With an Aminis’ choice, you will be the owner of a superior quality machine, purchased at a competitive rate. So any of our machines will make a perfect addition to your gaming room. With many gaming titles to choose from, family entertainment will reach its peak as you decide the one you think your kids, spouse, and friends, will take to. So go ahead and create memories that will last forever with an Aminis’ pick.

The selection is huge. We have 30 new arcade games for sale and in varying price ranges. The lowest being the SuperCade Arcade Game which starts at $1999.00. Perfect for the home game room enthusiast, it comes with a full sized arcade cabinet, arcade controls and a 19” VGA monitor. With this pick, you will have over 50 legendary arcade games at your disposal including Alpine Ski™ (1982, Taito), Anteater™ (1982, Stern), Arkanoid®(1986, Taito), Arkanoid 2®(1988, Taito), Armored Car™(1981, Stern) Asteroids®(1979, Atari) etc.  Then again, if you want something extraordinary try out our Dark Escape 4D Arcade Game. Though it comes at a steep price of $36,999.00, this new 3D game is in a class of its own and worth the money. Players wear anti-bacterial coated 3D glasses as they try to escape from a mad man’s sick and twisted game by shooting their way out with weapons that he provides. Experimental creatures and the undead leap from the game cabinets’ 46″ high definition screen. This game comes with all the works. The game knows when a player is scared as panic sensors display each player’s heartbeat on the screen and records every panic attack. It has built-in air blowers on the front and back, so players feel the breath of a chasing zombie on the back of their necks or a blast of air on their face when a monster lunges at them. In our mid-price range, you can opt for the Pac-Man Battle Royale Arcade Game at $5,299.00 or go a little higher with our Baytek Flappy Bird Arcade Redemption Game at $7,499.00.  The Pac-Man Battle Royale is the first four player competitive Pac-Man arcade game and has been given a cannibalistic twist from the original Pac-Man game. In the latest Baytek Flappy Bird Arcade Redemption Game the flappy bird app is life-size! It is sure to draw attention with the larger-than-life screen and a gameplay that will have players coming back for more. The recognizable Flappy Bird artwork, 42” monitor and colorful lighting is sure be a great addition to any game room

Go through our entire selection of new arcade games and opt for one that best suits your gaming style. There are so many to choose from.

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