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Aminis has the best sports arcade games to offer. So exciting that  they can turn a grown man into a giddy 10-year old. And when you buy an Aminis selection, you are guaranteed quality that will stand the test of time.

In our sport arcade games selection, we have carefully chosen 10 of the best sports gaming products. You can buy one that excites you and would be a great addition to your gaming room at home. Our price range starts from $3,299.00 with the most expensive one selling at $7499.00. You have lots of options to choose from. For instance, the NBA Game Time Basketball Arcade, which is selling at $5499.00, is ICE’s newest pop-a-shot machine. It replaces the popular Hoop Fever machine with some interesting features like a programmable gameplay for 30-60 seconds and an operator adjustable moving or non-moving basket. And in case you have a high ceiling, it will pose no problem. It has a removable top arch to accommodate 8ft. (96”) ceilings.

Our Pac-Man Basketball Arcade Game at $4399.00 is the new Pac-Man branded basketball arcade game, challenging players with different game levels and a moving basket to achieve the highest score. The game comes with a whole lot of features including high-fidelity speakers and a subwoofer, along with Pac-Man branded yellow basketballs. You can also link multiple units together for multi-player, head to head competition.

Lots of options available in our Super Shot Single Unit Basketball Arcade Game at $7,499.00. There’s brighter backboard lighting, additional time and score display behind the backboard, the ability to link up to 12 games included free, and simplified backboard movement

For that spectacular sporting entertaining you are looking for you can check out our entire sport arcade games selection online. With an Aminis’ pick, you simply cannot go wrong.

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