Olhausen Pool Tables

Olhausen Pool Tables

Amini’s is the perfect shop for the pool table of your dreams. Offering you competitive rates, you will take home a superior quality and value for your money. Our customization services allows you to perfect the table as per your dreams. Playing then becomes irresistible. On offer from our Olhausen’s pool tables: Americana Series, Brushed Aluminum Series, Laminate Series, Licensed Table Series, Modern Series, Portland Series, Rustic Series, Select Series, Signature Series, Tournament Series and Veneer Series. Our biggest selection is in the Signature Series with 20 great-looking products for the taking. The Olhausen Belle Meade Billiard Table in this series is one of Olhausen’s most popular tables. Like its namesake, this table is adventurous with its fluid lines that seem to dance around the table. It also has a flamboyant sophistication about its design that makes it such a popular choice. It is also available in all Olhausen® finishes.

In our Americana Series we have the 7 ft and 8 ft Olhausen Americana II Billiard Table made in Tulipwood. This table is available in limited finish options, but they are all good nevertheless.

The Olhausen Harley Davidson Laminate Billiard Table in our Licensed Table Series is a stunner. This classic looking Harley-Davidson piece accented with flames on a custom laminate gives this championship caliber table a sleek look which will feel at home in a Harley game room. It is available in sizes 7ft and 8ft.

Our tournament series includes the Olhausen Champion Pro II Billiard Table which is available in sizes 7 ft, 8 ft, 8 1/2 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft and 12 ft. The table is made of solid poplar wood. For the finish of your choice, various laminate colors are available.

We are the nation’s largest retailer of top quality brands, incorporating something for every style, taste, and budget. So check out our entire selection of Olhausen’s pool tables for sale in all its’ series. We can also customize the pool table for you – the kind of finish, color and any other specifications you want.

Amini’s is an experienced player in game room furniture, shuffleboards, game tables, pool tables, air hockey, arcade games and so much more. We are reputed for customizing the perfect design for our customers. As per their lifestyle, making their home a reflection of their unique style.

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