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Outdoor Pool Tables

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Amini’s has on offer outdoor pool tables at most competitive rates. A good selection that is open to customization as per the purchaser’s ultimate taste. With Amini’s buying a pool table becomes an experience, and gaming a thrill.

In our outdoor pool tables category, we have four items. Our Caesar Outdoor Pool Table dictates and commands attention, like the powerful ruler from whom it gets its name. The subtle yet chiseled profile with its angled table and substantial legs stand out for its beauty in any setting. The table comes to you in nine powder coat finishes, and in sizes 7’, 8’ or 9’. Choose the style that bests suits your requirement and personal taste.

Go through our complete selection of outside pool tables. Raise the level of your gaming experience with an Aminis’ selection.

Amini’s is the nation’s largest retailer of outdoor furniture and area rugs, shuffleboards, game tables, pool tables, air hockey, arcade games and so much more. The company is reputed for customizing the perfect design for its customers. As per their lifestyle, making their home a reflection of their unique style. As the nation’s largest retailer of top quality brands, it incorporates something for every style, taste, and budget. 

Our South Beach Outdoor Pool Table doubles up as a dining surface. Its minimalist lines have an under-table clearance that allows you to pull up chairs and can double up as a dining surface. Originally built for a penthouse balcony in Miami, where space is at a premium, this table is a work of art and turns heads everywhere. You can mix and match two of its nine powder coat finishes for that exquisite look. Choose any of its Sizes: 7’, 8’ or 9’. It has a hidden pocket basket for a streamlined look.

In both cases, the table’s exterior finish is environmentally safe electro-static heat baked to 400 degrees for a durable finish able to withstand the elements and the rigors of everyday pool playing. The tables can be easily cared for by simply washing with mild soap and water.



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