2019 at Amini’s—Upping the Amini Advantage

2019 at Amini’s—Upping the Amini Advantage

Congratulations—you successfully made it through 2018. Now that December is over and the holiday chaos has subsided, you’ve probably begun reflecting over the past year, and if you’re like us, you’re creating plans for the new one.

At Amini’s, we’ve been prepping for months. After conducting an interview with CEO Arash Amini in November, we have no doubt we’re one step ahead in the New Year’s resolution game.


Q1: What is Amini’s resolution for 2019?

Amini’s is known for its stellar reputation. We’ve even coined the term Amini Advantage to illustrate our superior business model. And this year, we’re offering the same things you’ve come to love about us, but even better.

In the words of Arash himself, we’re going “to continue finding innovative, elegant, and joyful products for the home that the entire family can enjoy. We won’t settle for less than five-star standards.” If we’ve done it well in the past, this year we’re upping the advantage even more.

“We search the world. We have teams of people, including ownership, that go to every market,” explains Arash. “We work with interior designers and pay attention to fashions and trends. We do all the hard work to make sure every product we offer is from a quality vendor so people can enjoy them longer.”

There you have it, folks. The world might be changing at the drop of a hat, but Amini’s is keeping up.


Q2: What new products and practices can customers look forward to in 2019?

At Amini’s, 2019 is all about preserving what we’ve built with longtime customers, and it’s also about shoring up strong relationships with new customers. This year, our market is broadening as we expand our inventory and extend our reach.

“We like to have a combination of what people have always loved with some of the new stuff,” says Arash. “There’s a nice mix of traditional colors we’ve all enjoyed for years, plus cutting edge styles that are super in style today.”

Aiming for classic elegance, bohemian flair, or modern trends? Amini’s is up for the challenge.

And now, finding the right product will be easier than ever with the new Amini’s website, set to launch in ­­­early Spring.


Q3: What is Amini’s promise to its customers?

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from our interview with Arash Amini is this: Amini’s genuinely cares about its customers, its community, and its reputation.

“My father who started this company in 1975 with five pool tables is still in the store every day,” says Arash. “I’m in the store every day. We all have kids, we live in our communities.”

“Our promise is that we know every single thing that goes out this building has our name on it. Our promise is that we treat you just like we’d treat people we care about the most because everything has our family’s name that goes with it. That’s our honor.”

Honor, variety, five-star excellence—could it get any better when shopping for your family’s treasures? If you’re still not convinced, just pop in one of our stores or give us a call to find out for yourself.

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