“Classically Fun”: A Munsters Pinball Review

“Classically Fun”: A Munsters Pinball Review

When I originally heard about this machine about a month ago, I thought, “How cool!” because I watched reruns of the show before school as a kid (like most others did).  I wondered, though, how they could bring the Herman Munster character to life in a pinball machine and truly do justice to such a large and iconic figure. Well, after sitting through almost an hour-long webinar, I’m sold!

This machine would be the perfect match for the Addams Family pinball machine owner. Anyone who wants to complete the full circle of iconic pop horror families simply has have this machine!

The Munsters Pinball machine comes in three options: Pro, Premium, and LE. Domestic Pro is estimated to start shipping the week of January 17, with LE shipping in mid-February and Premium at the end of February. I can truly say for the first time ever that all three units are totally different machines. Here’s why:

Pros are typically scaled down from the other two models, but this unit offers a lot of action, depth, and several really fascinating features. It has all metal ramps instead of plastic ramps and a HUGE Hermon Munster smash toy that shakes and has a magnet in front as the center piece of the machine! It also has a really cool feature in which one of the ramps (Spot’s trap door) opens up and Spot pops out and you have to hit him. It’s great artwork, too!

Premium and LE models (500 units available) have a lower play field, similar to the AC/DC machine, but it’s kicked up a bunch and is a fully loaded play field with two flippers and multiple ramps; it also has a timer clock with a smash toy and a two-ball, multi-ball feature (totally a second game in itself).

Normally, the only difference between Premium and LE is the inner artwork and a shaker motor, while the surface and artwork are the same. This isn’t the case with the Munsters machine! Both have all the same surface features, but the Premium model looks totally amazing! It has all black and white artwork on the cabinet, and the surface is also done in black and white with color highlighting to the inset. I was blown away with how sharp it looked just from the picture! Also, both Premium and LE have double flipper buttons on the cabinet for the upper and lower flipper play.

I was sold when I learned about this machine, and you will be too!

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