Things People Don’t (But Should) Know About Outdoor Lighting

Things People Don’t (But Should) Know About Outdoor Lighting

Let’s face it. Outdoor lighting isn’t the first thing that comes to homeowners’ minds when they’re thinking about sprucing up their outdoor living space. After all, the sun’s got us covered, right? Eh, not so much.

People who forget the importance of outdoor lighting are forced to call it a day when the sun goes down on their party…but there’s no reason your fun has to stop at nightfall. In fact, as the summer months bring in hotter days, it won’t be long until you’ll be making your plans with the cool evening breeze in mind.

It’s time to start shopping. And take it from us—outdoor lighting options are far more numerous than one might initially realize. To help you make a wise purchase, here are a few lighting tips from our experts.


1. Style
When shopping for lighting, remember that design has no limits. Don’t feel glued down to styles you’ve seen in the past. Today’s lighting inspirations include industrial, transitional, modern, and futuristic. Feel free to venture out, if you like. Not sure which look is right for your home? Snap a photo of it on your phone and bring it into one of our specialists, who can help you find lighting that harmonizes well with your property.


2. Size

Avoid multiple purchases and returns by knowing the right size of fixture for you. Most people tend to purchase lighting that is too small for their space on the first go-around, but you can avoid this mistake by measuring the distance between the junction box and top of the door. Or, if you prefer, snap another photo of your front door and we’ll do the hard work for you.


3. Scenario

When it comes to leisure, habits have changed over the years. These days, people prefer to dine, play, and relax together in the great outdoors rather than enclosed spaces. Outdoor chandeliers, as a result, have exploded in popularity, as have outdoor fans for all weather conditions. The desired purpose of your outdoor space will be key in deciding whether you need a simple chandelier or an assortment of up lights, wall lights, stairway lights, and porch lights. What kind of an impression are you wanting to make? Are safety and security something to think about for your functions?  How many guests, and what age range, are you looking to entertain? Ponder these questions and be ready to discuss them when you come in to see one of our specialists.

At first consideration, it’s hard to believe that such a small feature as lighting could have such an enormous impact on your entertainment space. But it’s true, and you’ll notice it at sunset. Don’t worry about the onslaught of outdoor lighting considerations, because we’re here to help.

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