Amini’s Gives Back: What One Woman Will Do For Her Community

Amini’s Gives Back: What One Woman Will Do For Her Community

At Amini’s, it’s no mystery that we create five-star experiences for our customers; it’s what we’re famous for. But at the end of the day, our successes are measured by more than good sales and satisfied customers. To us, the Amini Advantage isn’t an advantage at all unless it’s maintained off the clock.

That’s why we’re so grateful to follow the charge of our superstar CFO, Rajeanna Amini, in her everyday generosity toward her community. Mrs. A, as we like to call her, puts the “advantage” in Amini Advantage like no other.  

Having direct oversight over Amini’s Oklahoma locations, Mrs. A has developed quite a passion for the Oklahoma school systems and their needy children. In 2013 she began to represent her church in Key Elementary’s Lunch Buddies program, a volunteer opportunity in which adults are assigned students to sit with during lunch period. After two years, she was invited to join the steering committee for Partners in Education.

Today, Mrs. A is the program leader and has plenty of heartwarming stories to tell. For her, Lunch Buddies goes beyond providing children with friendly conversation; it’s about inspiring and equipping the kids to catch up, keep up, and feel ongoing support.

Since the program’s start, participating students have shown significant signs of improvement in grades and overall behavior. Some who struggled with defiance and distrust now strive to do well and connect. Mrs. A credits these successes to the consistency and commitment expressed through the Lunch Buddies program each week.

Like several of her “little buddies,” Mrs. A’s life has been transformed through Amini’s partnership with Tulsa schools. “I used to be the shyest person in the world. If you only knew,” says Mrs. A, “but my faith and prayer life built me up step by step. I realized kids are kids and they want [people] to see them and care.”

A great woman with a great cause. That’s our Mrs. A…and her influence doesn’t stop there.

In recent years, she has spearheaded countless efforts for the kids of Tulsa. She’s donated toward spirit wear, school supplies, and educational activities, and she’s even written a manual on “Lunch Buddies” protocol.  If that weren’t enough, Amini’s partnered with a Dallas vendor to donate 4600 imported rug samples to Tulsa public school classrooms. She also partners with Tulsa Pop Kids, a local educational effort that inspires reading through comic books. The inspiration goes on and on.

After all she’s done for her community, it’s no wonder that Mrs. A was presented the 2018 Chittom Challenge Award by the Partners in Education. Mrs. A, thank you for all you’ve done for your community, and thank you for championing the meaning of the phrase, Amini Advantage.

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