What’s Trending in Outdoor Living?

What’s Trending in Outdoor Living?

Summertime adventures are right at our finger tips. Get ready, trendsetters and eclectic innovators, for the outdoor living assortment of a lifetime. 2019 is going to be whatever you want it to be. Feeling exotic, nostalgic, futuristic? This year, you can take your pick and run with it…because everything’s “in.”  In fact, if you’ve ever wished to tip your hat to several design styles at once, this is your year.


Park Place Metro Seating by Castelle
Park Place Metro Seating by Castelle

1. Clean-cut meets organic pizzazz

Contemporary styles are holding their place of popularity this year, and for good reason. 2019 is offering consumers the same slender lines and sharp edges we’ve come to love about the new century, paired with a dose of earthy flair. Expect to see bold metallic finishes again, especially with artisan-applied antiquing.


Barclay Butera Palm Springs Collection by Castelle

2. Mid- 20th century sentiment reemerges

Retro is back again, and what better way to usher in the throwback than with a classic black-and-white theme? Pair it with pops of color and skewed lines to make the outdoor arrangement your guests will remember forever. This year, it’s goodbye to minimalism and hello to the allure of yesteryear.



Biltmore Estate Collection by Castelle

3. A new millennium captures legendary tradition

For 2019, think embellishment. This year, designers aren’t just giving a 2019 salute to the work of their 20th-century predecessors; they’re reaching centuries back to capture history’s charm for today’s audiences. Chair backs will boast fascinating patterns, from floral inspirations to textile-like configurations. Castelle’s Biltmore Collection, for instance, will make classic charm and quaint finishes the talk of your house parties.


Palisades Collection by O.W. Lee
Palisades Collection by O.W. Lee

4. Domestic life draws inspiration from the exotic

While outdoor living trends are taking us on a blast to the past, they’re also crossing cultural borders. You’re sure to see an array of exotic highlights this season; patio furniture will exhibit an assortment of internationally inspired shapes, designs, and hues. Vibrant bursts of color will adorn lakesides, beaches, and patio decks.





2019 is your year; create your sunny day memories as you want them to be remembered. Bring the delights of the past into today’s get-togethers, or invite inspiration from other regions into your home. Adventure awaits, and you don’t even have to leave your backyard to experience it.

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