How is an Arcade Classics Barrel Game Made?

How is an Arcade Classics Barrel Game Made?

At Amini’s, every product has a story. Everything we sell, from top to bottom, has a five-star stamp of approval from our experts. And we don’t just offer your typical run-of-the-mill products; we also create, repurpose, and collaborate to make sure our customers have the best selections at their fingertips.

One of the most remarkable products we carry is the handcrafted Arcade Classics Barrel Game, made in-house by two Amini’s craftsmen, Rusty and Dave. The creation process of each barrel is marked by skill, precision, and creativity; it’s truly incredible to watch.

Our guys start by finding old wine barrels from around the world. After the barrels arrive at our warehouse, Rusty and Dave put their craftsmanship to work. Their task is two-fold: preserve the history and character of each barrel while repurposing it for a new chapter.



First, Rusty restores the barrel’s original beauty. With his artisan touch, the barrel’s rough edges are smoothed out and a fresh coat of stain is applied. He cuts an operator door so that Dave can install the electrical components of an original Arcade Classics Game. After Dave converts the empty barrel into a housing unit for the game system, he finishes the project by adding a glass table top.


Dave and the Arcade Classics Barrel Game


Upon its completion, the barrel serves as both pub table and versatile arcade game. Its aesthetic value as a game is unparalleled, and unlike its traditional counterpart, it looks great in the most sophisticated of spaces. Families can enjoy 60 of their favorite arcade classics—including Pac-Man, Galaga, and Frogger—without having to go to the basement.


Rusty and the Arcade Classics Barrel Game


Due to its unique configuration, the barrel has quickly become an Amini’s customer favorite. The first one fashioned in 2018 sold in fewer than 48 hours, and 80 others have been created and sold since…and it’s no wonder, given that the barrel itself is a testament to the Amini Advantage. One glance is all it takes for customers to see the wholehearted investment we put in our products and our customers.

No matter the product, no matter the sale…we’re committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction before, during, and after each purchase. And yes, it’s a tall order…but it’s also our promise. This is Amini’s.





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