Choosing the Right Fire Pit with Amini’s

Choosing the Right Fire Pit with Amini’s

As the fall season ushers in shorter and colder days, fire pits are becoming an increasingly popular approach to restoring light and warmth to outdoor spaces.

But how do you know if you’re purchasing the right fire pit? At Amini’s, we believe in quality that leads to five-star experiences. Our fire pits by top brand O.W. Lee are set apart to last a lifetime. Here’s why:

1. Quality Beyond Comparison

The fire pits that Amini’s offers are built to endure all weather conditions. While “big box” stores offer aesthetic fire pits at low price points, their products cannot ultimately withstand the elements. Ordinary fire pits have to be exchanged year after year, whereas Amini’s fire pits are a one-and-done deal, guaranteed to save you thousands in the long run. They’re also sprayed with a zinc apoxy primer to prevent rust and oxidation, and they are built without an igniter (the fire pit component most notorious for becoming faulty).

O.W. Lee Fire Pit

2. Completely Customizable

Amini’s fire pits are customizable, from top to bottom, to match anyone’s tastes. Our O.W. Lee fire pits can be ordered in a dozen different finishes, and there are 15 maintenance-free porcelain tops to choose from. Not a fan of porcelain? No worries, because tops come in cast aluminum and hammered copper, too. When it comes to size, shape, and height, the possibilities are endless; whether it’s a 30-inch occasional-height table or a 44 x 84 dining table…we can accommodate your vision. Even our beautiful fire glass comes in 25 options!

O.W. Lee Fire Pit

3. Certified and Convenient

Amini’s fire pits are handcrafted exclusively in America, and it shows. Not only are they gorgeous, durable, and solid, but they’re also OMNI certified. Releasing as much as 65,000 BTU’s (British Thermal Units), they emit far more heat energy than ordinary fire pits. And for shoppers who want to avoid the fuss of propane refills, O.W. Lee fire pits come with their own natural gas conversion kit so they can be hooked up to a constant gas line.

Pacifica Collection by O.W. Lee

The past few years have brought about a fresh-air revival, so to speak; families are, once again, aiming to spend their special moments immersed in nature and away from technology. And just because the seasons are changing doesn’t mean you now have to trap yourself indoors. With an Amini’s fire pit, your outdoor enjoyment can extend through fall and winter, too.


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