Holiday Gift Ideas for 2019: Only the Best at Amini’s

Holiday Gift Ideas for 2019: Only the Best at Amini’s

The holidays are upon us, and the Amini’s team has done their homework to scope out the best holiday gift ideas for 2019. Our customers mean everything to us, and our goal is to make your 2019 holiday season a sensation. So, without further ado, enjoy this year’s stellar holiday gift lineup, handpicked by our experts.

Golden Tee Home Edition – a getaway holiday gift.

The only one of its kind, The Golden Tee Home Edition is a customer favorite. At Amini’s, we refer to the Golden Tee as “the golf getaway for those who can’t get away.” Let’s face it: “me” time can be difficult to come by these days. The Golden Tee allows you can take a break from the daily hustle without ever leaving your home. Offering over 80 simulated courses, this game is incredibly versatile and thus withstands the test of time and interest. Click here to purchase this Holiday gift.


Star Wars Pinball – a holiday gift for the movie junkie.

For the Star Wars fanatic in your life (and we all have one), Stern’Star Wars Pinball takes the cake as the best Holiday gift of all time. Available in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models, all levels of the game include the infamous Death Star and other bells and whistles, and they showcase popular phrases and footage from the original trilogy. This gift is a true collector’s item and is sure to increase in value as it ages. Shop here.



Pool Table – an Amini’s signature holiday gift.

Pool tables are the investment no one ever regretted. Unlike other gaming favorites, pool tables last for years and years. Sturdy enough for any household and age range, pool tables bring families together, unlike other entertainment forms that pull people to their phones and computers. By investing in a gift that builds real relationships instead of virtual ones, you’ll be investing in your family for years to come. Amini’s has a large and diverse collection, and you can see it here.




Shuffleboard – a holiday gift to enhance the game room.

If you’re looking for a real show-stopping gift for someone with the space, we recommend an Amini’s signature shuffleboard. Shuffleboards are a one-of-a-kind gift that date back to the 1400’s and are ideal for hard-to-shop-for people. Amini’s shuffleboards come in a variety of sizes and brands and thus meet a variety of shopper specifications. And, if you want to go the extra mile, throw in a bowling pin set as a fun add-on. See your options here.



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