Your Leather Buying Guide

Your Leather Buying Guide

When shopping for quality furniture, leather is king. Take if from our experts: it’s durable, outlasts other furniture materials, and each hide is totally unique. In our opinion, there’s no better alternative.

Leather is increasing in popularity, and with production being on the rise, we want to help you pick the perfect grade for you.

First, you need to know the basics: hides, which are typically a centimeter in thickness, are split into “top grain” and “split grain.” From top grain leather comes high-end, classic looks and quality beyond comparison. Split grain products, on the other hand, appeal to shoppers looking for genuine leather at an affordable cost; because these products usually exclude furniture, we’ll delve further into top grains only.

Shop full grain when you want a full heritage experience.

The term full grain refers to top grain cuts that haven’t been sanded, buffed, or treated. As a result, all original characteristics and beauty marks are preserved. To say that these products are one of a kind is an understatement; each hide has its own history, which makes it completely exclusive to its owner. It even seems to live on, so to speak, as it aesthetically ages over time. It’s no surprise that it’s the most costly leather option on the market.

Top grain (corrected grain) is extremely popular.

Quite often, the term top grain is mentioned when the natural grain on the upper portion of the hide has been sanded away. A more appropriate term, however, is corrected grain. The sanding process removes most or all imperfections and blemishes, and the remaining thin layer is more workable for manufacturers. This makes for a quality leather that is comparably more affordable than full grain options. Top grains can be aniline treated or semi-aniline treated.

  1. Aniline hides are colored by becoming immersed in a translucent dye, which is able to fully penetrate the material. Hides aren’t doctored and beauty marks, in this case, will still show through.
  2. Semi-aniline hides undergo a similar process to aniline-dyed products, but these hides are given another layer of surface protection, which makes them ideal for family use.

Bonded leather is your go-to for an affordable experience.

As is the case with any one-of-a-kind product, leather can be particularly expensive. In such circumstances, bonded leather is the way to go. Comprised of rolled-up leather “scraps” and adhesive material, bonded leather furniture can look attractive in any living space. While it might not offer a true heritage experience, it’s a nice alternative while you save up for longer-lasting quality products.

Studies show that leather sales are rising; don’t be surprised when you see leather statement pieces completely inundating upcoming style trends. Whether you’re looking for the best money has to offer, or just looking for something nice to accommodate your budget, you’ve got an array of options to keep your trend game on point.

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